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Hopeful Spouse Counseling

The goal of Hopeful Spouse Counseling is to help individuals take control of their relationship, find hope and healing, and create positive change, even if their partner is not yet ready or willing to participate in therapy.

If you're struggling in your relationship or marriage and your partner refuses to attend couples therapy with you, you don't have to feel hopeless or helpless. Individual therapy can help you take back control and find new ways to improve your relationship, even if your partner is not yet ready or willing to work on things with you.

I understand that it can be difficult to navigate a relationship when one person is not on board with working on it. However, individual therapy can provide a valuable opportunity to focus on yourself, your own emotions, and your own choices. By doing so, you can better understand the possibilities as well as the limitations even if your partner is not yet ready to make changes.

I am trained and experienced and trained in helping individuals work through relationship challenges and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. You have the power to improve your relationship, so if you're ready to take control and make a difference in your relationship or marriage, I invite you to reach out today. support you and help you find the hope and healing you need to move forward.

Hopeful spouse counseling is not appropriate when there is an ongoing affair. Please consider individual counseling to process the distress in this situation.

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